The focus at High Country Boutique is clothing and accessories for women who want a functional wardrobe with the ability to make multiple outfits from fewer elements. Customers are encouraged to buy only the clothes they love and will wear often.

      High Country sells basic garments as the Core product because they fulfill the philosophy: basic clothing shapes that can be personalized with accessories. All of the other products coordinate with the Core in quality and design, even the art. 

      In 1991, High Country Gallery opened with only American Art, Fine Craft, and Art Wearables.  


      By 1995, the clothing and accessories dominated the gallery sales.


      In 2001, the Boutique/Gallery went Global.  A collection of Shona Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe and Art and Craft from other African countries, along with Chinese antiques, shifted the flavor of High Country.  American Art accessories and crafts mingled with Fair Trade accessories from around the globe.


      Currently, American Crafts and Global Art & Accessories fill the store. We Support many artists from all over the World. 


      High Country Boutique is a medley of delight "...all from under the same moon."